merimnao <3309>

merimnaw merimnao

Origin:from 3308
Reference:TDNT - 4:589,584
In Greek:merimna 4, merimnate 5, merimnav 1, merimnhsei 2, merimnhshte 4, merimnwn 1, merimnwsin 1
In NET:do worry 4, is concerned 4, worry 2, do you worry 2, by worrying 1, Do be anxious 1, demonstrate deep concern 1, may have mutual concern 1, will worry 1, you are worried 1
In AV:take thought 11, care 5, be careful 2, have care 1
Definition:1) to be anxious
1a) to be troubled with cares
2) to care for, look out for (a thing)
2a) to seek to promote one's interests
2b) caring or providing for
from 3308; to be anxious about:-(be, have) care(-ful), take thought.
see GREEK for 3308

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