merizo <3307>

merizw merizo

Origin:from 3313
In Greek:emerisen 4, emerisyh 2, memeriken 1, memeristai 2, merisasyai 1, merisyeisa 2, merisyh 2
In NET:is divided 3, divided 3, he is divided 2, has assigned 1, apportioned 1, he divided 1, to divide 1, has distributed 1
In AV:divide 9, distribute 2, deal 1, be difference between 1, give part 1
Definition:1) to divide
1a) to separate into parts, cut into pieces
1a1) to divide into parties, i.e. be split into factions
1b) to distribute
1b1) a thing among people
1b2) bestow, impart
from 3313; to part, i.e. (literally) to apportion, bestow, share, or
(figuratively) to disunite, differ:-deal, be difference between,
distribute, divide, give participle
see GREEK for 3313

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