methuo <3184>

meyuw methuo

Origin:from another form of 3178
Reference:TDNT - 4:545,576
In Greek:emeyusyhsan 1, meyuei 1, meyuontwn 1, meyuousan 1, meyuousin 2, meyusywsin 1
In NET:are drunk 3, becomes drunk 1, drunkards 1, got drunk 1, was drunk 1
In AV:be drunken 5, have well drunk 1, be made drunk 1
Definition:1) to be drunken
2) metaph. of one who has shed blood or murdered profusely
from another form of 3178; to drink to intoxication, i.e. get
drunk:-drink well, make (be) drunk(-en).
see GREEK for 3178

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