mallon <3123>

mallon mallon

Origin:neuter of the comparative of the same as 3122
PrtSpch:adv comparative
In Greek:mallon 80
In NET:more 34, rather 14, instead 6, all the more 4, even more 2, most 2, especially 1, better by far 1, Instead 1, On the contrary 1, More and more 1, how much less 1, more than ever 1, much more 1, more than 1, more and more 1, every 1, even 1
In AV:more 32, rather 33, the more 12, better + 2570 2, misc 4
Definition:1) more, to a greater degree, rather
1a) much, by far
1b) rather, sooner
1c) more willingly, more readily, sooner
neuter of the comparative of the same as 3122; (adverbially) more (in
a greater degree)) or rather:-+ better, X far, (the) more (and more),
(so) much (the more), rather.
see GREEK for 3122

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