luchnos <3088>

lucnov luchnos

Origin:from the base of 3022
Reference:TDNT - 4:324,542
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:lucnoi 1, lucnon 4, lucnou 2, lucnov 6, lucnw 1
In NET:a lamp 7, lamp 3, A lamp 1, lamps 1, light 1, of a lamp 1
In AV:candle 8, light 6
Definition:1) a lamp, candle, that is placed on a stand or candlestick

To a lamp are likened an eye, i.e. which shows the body which way to
move and turn; the prophecies of the OT, inasmuch as they afforded at
least some knowledge relative to the glorious return of Jesus from
from the base of 3022; a portable lamp or other illuminator (literally
or figuratively):-candle, light.
see GREEK for 3022

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