loipoy <3062>

loipov loipoy

Origin:masculine plural of a derivative of 3007
In Greek:loipa 3, loipai 2, loipav 2, loipoi 15, loipoiv 8, loipouv 3, loipwn 7
In NET:rest 23, other 5, others 3, else 2, everyone else 1, many of the people 1, other things 1, remains 1, remaining 1, other women 1, other matters 1
In AV:other 15, rest 12, others 7, remnant 4, residue 1, which remains 1, other things 1
Definition:1) remaining, the rest
1a) the rest of any number or class under consideration
1b) with a certain distinction and contrast, the rest, who are not
of a specific class or number
1c) the rest of the things that remain
masculine plural of a derivative of 3007; remaining ones:-other,
which remain, remnant, residue, rest.
see GREEK for 3007

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