lithostrotos <3038>

liyostrwtov lithostrotos

Origin:from 3037 and a derivative of 4766
In Greek:liyostrwton 1
In NET:Stone Pavement 1
In AV:Pavement 1
Definition:1) spread (paved with stones)
2) a mosaic or tessellated pavement
2a) of a place near the praetorium or palace of Jerusalem
2b) an apartment whose pavement consists of tessellated work
2c) of places in the outer courts of temple
The word for "Pavement" is found nowhere else in the NT, but its
Hebrew equivalent occurs just once in the OT, and it is evident that
the Holy Sprit would have us link the two passages together. In
2Ki 16:17 we read, "King Ahaz cut off the borders of the bases, and
removed the laver from off them; and took down the sea from off the
brazen oxen that were under it and put it upon a "pavement" of
stones." In Ahaz's case, his act was the conclusive token of his
surrender to abject apostasy. So here of Pilate coming down to the
level of the apostate Jews. In the former case it was a Jewish ruler
dominated by a Gentile idolater; in the latter, a Gentile idolater,
dominated by Jews who rejected their Messiah! (AWP)
from 3037 and a derivative of 4766; stone-strewed, i.e. a tessellated
mosaic on which the Roman tribunal was placed:-Pavement.
see GREEK for 3037
see GREEK for 4766

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