kurieuo <2961>

kurieuw kurieuo

Origin:from 2962
Reference:TDNT - 3:1097,486
In Greek:kurieuei 2, kurieuomen 1, kurieuontwn 1, kurieuousin 1, kurieusei 1, kurieush 1
In NET:has mastery 1, Lord of lords 1, he may be the Lord 1, is lord 1, we rule over 1, lord over 1, will have mastery 1
In AV:have dominion over 4, exercise lordship over 1, be Lord of 1, lords 1
Definition:1) to be lord of, to rule, have dominion over
2) of things and forces
2a) to exercise influence upon, to have power over
from 2962; to rule:-have dominion over, lord, be lord of, exercise
lordship over.
see GREEK for 2962

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