ktisis <2937>

ktisiv ktisis

Origin:from 2936
Reference:TDNT - 3:1000,481
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:ktisei 4, ktisewv 8, ktisiv 7
In NET:creation 14, of creation 2, creature 1, institution 1, to creature 1
In AV:creature 11, creation 6, building 1, ordinance 1
Definition:1) the act of founding, establishing, building etc
1a) the act of creating, creation
1b) creation i.e. thing created
1b1) of individual things, beings, a creature, a creation
1b1a) anything created
1b1b) after a rabbinical usage (by which a man converted
from idolatry to Judaism was called)
1b1c) the sum or aggregate of things created
1c) institution, ordinance
from 2936; original formation (properly, the act; by implication, the
thing, literally or figuratively):-building, creation, creature,
see GREEK for 2936

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