koinonos <2844>

koinwnov koinonos

Origin:from 2839
Reference:TDNT - 3:797,447
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:koinwnoi 6, koinwnon 1, koinwnouv 1, koinwnov 2
In NET:share 2, partners 2, business partners 1, a partner 1, partakers 1, partner 1, shedding 1, shares 1
In AV:partaker 5, partner 3, fellowship 1, companion 1
Definition:1) a partner, associate, comrade, companion
2) a partner, sharer, in anything
2a) of the altar in Jerusalem on which the sacrifices are offered
2a1) sharing in the worship of the Jews
2b) partakers of (or with) demons
2b1) brought into fellowship with them, because they are the
authors of heathen worship
from 2839; a sharer, i.e. associate:-companion, X fellowship,
partaker, partner.
see GREEK for 2839

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