klino <2827>

klinw klino

Origin:a root word
In Greek:eklinan 1, kekliken 1, klinav 1, klinein 1, klinh 2, klinouswn 1
In NET:bowed 2, is almost done 1, lay 1, put to flight 1, to lay 1
In AV:lay 2, bow 1, bow down 1, be far spent 1, turn to fight 1, wear away 1
Definition:1) transitively
1a) to incline, bow
1b) to cause to fall back
1c) to recline
1c1) in a place for repose
2) intransitively
2a) to incline one's self
2a1) of the declining of the day
a primary verb; to slant or slope, i.e. incline or recline (literally
or figuratively):-bow (down), be far spent, lay, turn to flight, wear

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