kleronomia <2817>

klhronomia kleronomia

Origin:from 2818
Reference:TDNT - 3:767,442
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:klhronomia 3, klhronomian 7, klhronomiav 4
In NET:inheritance 10, an inheritance 4
In AV:inheritance 14
Definition:1) an inheritance, property received (or to be received) by inheritance
2) what is given to one as a possession
2a) the eternal blessedness of the consummated kingdom of God
which is to be expected after the visible return of Christ
2b) the share which an individual will have in that eternal
from 2818; heirship, i.e. (concretely) a patrimony or (genitive case)
a possession:-inheritance.
see GREEK for 2818

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