kerdaino <2770>

kerdainw kerdaino

Origin:from 2771
Reference:TDNT - 3:672,428
In Greek:ekerdhsa 2, ekerdhsav 1, ekerdhsen 2, kerdanw 1, kerdhsai 2, kerdhsav 1, kerdhsh 1, kerdhsomen 1, kerdhsw 5, kerdhyhsontai 1
In NET:gain 4, I have gained 2, gained 2, he gains 2, to gain 2, I may gain 1, avoiding 1, they will be won over 1, make a profit 1, you have regained 1
In AV:gain 13, win 2, get gain 1, vr gain 1
Definition:1) to gain, acquire, to get gain
2) metaph.
2a) of gain arising from shunning or escaping from evil (where we
say "to spare one's self", "be spared")
2b) to gain any one i.e. to win him over to the kingdom of God, to
gain one to faith in Christ
2c) to gain Christ's favour and fellowship
from 2771; to gain (literally or figuratively):-(get) gain, win.
see GREEK for 2771

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