katerchomai <2718>

katercomai katerchomai

Origin:from 2596 and 2064 (including its alternate)
In Greek:katelyein 1, katelyontev 1, katelyontwn 1, katelywn 3, katercomenh 1, kathlyen 2, kathlyomen 2, kathlyon 4
In NET:came down 4, went down 3, does come 1, arrived 1, he went down 1, they went down 1, when arrived 1, we put in 1, when had come down 1, put in 1
In AV:come down 5, come 3, go down 2, depart 1, descend 1, land 1
Definition:1) to come down, go down
1a) of one who goes from a higher to a lower locality
1b) of those who come to a place by a ship
from 2596 and 2064 (including its alternate); to come (or go) down
(literally or figuratively):-come (down), depart, descend, go down,
see GREEK for 2596
see GREEK for 2064

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