katapateo <2662>

katapatew katapateo

Origin:from 2596 and 3961
Reference:TDNT - 5:940,804
In Greek:katapatein 1, katapateisyai 1, katapathsav 1, katapathsousin 1, katepathyh 1
In NET:profanes 1, they will trample 1, trampled on 1, was trampled on 1, were trampling 1
In AV:tread underfoot 2, trample 1, tread down 1, tread 1
Definition:1) to tread down, trample under foot, to trample on
2) metaph. to treat with rudeness and insult
2a) to spurn, treat with insulting neglect
from 2596 and 3961; to trample down; figuratively, to reject with
disdain:-trample, tread (down, underfoot).
see GREEK for 2596
see GREEK for 3961

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