kataluo <2647>

kataluw kataluo

Origin:from 2596 and 3089
Reference:TDNT - 4:338,543
In Greek:katalue 1, katalusai 5, katalusei 1, katalusw 1, kataluswsin 1, kataluwn 2, kataluyh 2, kataluyhsetai 3, katelusa 1
In NET:will be torn down 3, will destroy 2, to abolish 2, can destroy 1, I once destroyed 1, Do destroy 1, is dismantled 1, it will come to nothing 1, to destroy 1, who can destroy 1, to stop 1
In AV:destroy 9, throw down 3, lodge 1, guest 1, come to nought 1, overthrow 1, dissolve 1
Definition:1) to dissolve, disunite
1a) (what has been joined together), to destroy, demolish
1b) metaph. to overthrow i.e. render vain, deprive of success,
bring to naught
1b1) to subvert, overthrow
1b1a) of institutions, forms of government, laws, etc.,
to deprive of force, annul, abrogate, discard
1c) of travellers, to halt on a journey, to put up, lodge (the
figurative expression originating in the circumstance that,
to put up for the night, the straps and packs of the beasts
of burden are unbound and taken off; or, more correctly from
the fact that the traveller's garments, tied up when he is
on the journey, are unloosed at it end)
from 2596 and 3089; to loosen down (disintegrate), i.e. (by
implication) to demolish (literally or figuratively); specially
(compare 2646) to halt for the night:-destroy, dissolve, be guest,
lodge, come to nought, overthrow, throw down.
see GREEK for 2596
see GREEK for 3089
see GREEK for 2646

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