karpophoreo <2592>

karpoforew karpophoreo

Origin:from 2593
Reference:TDNT - 3:616,416
In Greek:karpoforei 2, karpoforhsai 1, karpoforhswmen 1, karpoforoumenon 1, karpoforountev 1, karpoforousin 2
In NET:bear fruit 4, bearing fruit 2, He bears fruit 1, produces 1
In AV:bring forth fruit 6, bear fruit 1, be fruitful 1
Definition:1) to bear fruit
2) to bear, bring forth, deeds
3) to bear fruit of one's self
from 2593; to be fertile (literally or figuratively):-be (bear, bring
forth) fruit(-ful).
see GREEK for 2593

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