kalos <2573>

kalwv kalos

Origin:from 2570
In Greek:kalwv 34
In NET:well 16, correctly 4, good 4, rightly 2, a good place 1, Right 1, Granted 1, correct 1, neatly 1, right 1, effective 1, kind 1
In AV:well 30, good 2, full well 1, misc. 3
Definition:1) beautifully, finely, excellently, well
1a) rightly, so that there shall be no room for blame, well, truly
1b) excellently, nobly, commendably
1c) honourably, in honour
1c1) in a good place, comfortable
1d) to speak well of one, to do good
1e) to be well (of those recovering health)
adverb from 2570; well (usually morally):-(in a) good (place),
honestly, + recover, (full) well.
see GREEK for 2570

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