Itouraia <2484>

Itouraia Itouraia

Origin:of Hebrew origin 03195 rwjy
In Greek:itouraiav 1
In NET:of Iturea 1
In AV:Ituraea 1
Definition:Ituraea = "past the limits" or "he will arrange"

1) a mountainous region, lying northeast of Palestine and west of
Damascus. At the time when John the Baptist made his public
appearance it was subject to Philip the tetrarch, son of Herod the
Great, among the regions assigned to this prince after his
father's death. It was brought under Jewish control by king
Aristobulus around 100 B.C. Its inhabitants had been noted for
robbery and skilful use of the bow.
of Hebrew origin (3195); Ituraea (i.e. Jetur), a region of
see HEBREW for 03195
in Bible:
Ituraea (KJV, NASB, NRSV, TEV)
Iturea (NET, NIV)

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