hilaskomai <2433>

ilaskomai hilaskomai

Origin:middle voice from the same as 2436
Reference:TDNT - 3:301,362
In Greek:ilaskesyai 1, ilasyhti 1
In NET:be merciful 1, make atonement 1
In AV:be merciful 1, make reconciliation 1
Definition:1) to render one's self, to appease, conciliate to one's self
1a) to become propitious, be placated or appeased
1b) to be propitious, be gracious, be merciful
2) to expiate, make propitiation for
middle voice from the same as 2436; to conciliate, i.e. (transitively)
to atone for (sin), or (intransitively) be propitious:-be merciful,
make reconciliation for.
see GREEK for 2436

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