hiereus <2409>

iereuv hiereus

Origin:from 2413
Reference:TDNT - 3:257,349
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:ierea 2, ierei 3, iereiv 10, iereusin 2, iereuv 11, ierewn 2
In NET:priests 14, a priest 8, priest 7, priest of the temple 1
In AV:priest 31, high priest 1
Definition:1) a priest, one who offers sacrifices and in general in busied with
sacred rites
1a) referring to priests of Gentiles or the Jews,
2) metaph. of Christians, because, purified by the blood of Christ
and brought into close intercourse with God, they devote their life
to him alone and to Christ
from 2413; a priest (literally or figuratively):-(high) priest.
see GREEK for 2413

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