thusiasterion <2379>

yusiasthrion thusiasterion

Origin:from a derivative of 2378
Reference:TDNT - 3:180,342
PrtSpch:n n
In Greek:yusiasthria 1, yusiasthrion 6, yusiasthriou 11, yusiasthriw 5
In NET:altar 20, altars 1, an altar 1
In AV:altar 23
Definition:1) the altar for slaying and burning of victims used of
1a) the altar of whole burnt offerings which stood in the court of
the priests in the temple at Jerusalem
1b) the altar of incense which stood in the sanctuary or the Holy Place
1c) any other altar
1c1) metaph., the cross on which Christ suffered an expiatory
death: to eat of this altar i.e. to appropriate to one's
self the fruits of Christ's expiatory death
from a derivative of 2378; a place of sacrifice, i.e. an altar
(special or genitive case, literal or figurative):-altar.
see GREEK for 2378

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