thesaurizo <2343>

yhsaurizw thesaurizo

Origin:from 2344
Reference:TDNT - 3:138,333
In Greek:eyhsaurisate 1, teyhsaurismenoi 1, yhsaurizein 1, yhsaurizeiv 1, yhsaurizete 2, yhsaurizwn 2
In NET:have been reserved 1, accumulate 1, Do accumulate 1, set aside 1, stores up riches 1, you are storing up 1, to save up 1, you have hoarded treasure 1
In AV:lay up 3, in store 1, lay up treasure 1, treasure up 1, heap treasure together 1, keep in store 1
Definition:1) to gather and lay up, to heap up, store up
1a) to accumulate riches
1b) to keep in store, store up, reserve
2) metaph. so to live from day to day as to increase either the
bitterness or the happiness of one's consequent lot
from 2344; to amass or reserve (literally or figuratively):-lay up
(treasure), (keep) in store, (heap) treasure (together, up).
see GREEK for 2344

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