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NETBible: Strong -- 2316

theos <2316>

yeov theos

Origin:of uncertain affinity a deity, especially (with 3588) the supreme Divinity
PrtSpch:n m
In Greek:yee 2, yeoi 5, yeoiv 1, yeon 147, yeou 686, yeouv 2, yeou] 3, yeov 304, yeov] 3, yew 157, yew] 1, [yeou] 1
In NET:God 1079, God's 98, of God 74, to God 11, gods 8, god 5, Lord 4, God-fearing 3, for God 2, God's interests 2, God's standards 1, God's sight 1, God's image 1, God he 1, God's will 1, God's servants 1, a god 1, of God's 1, of a god 1, one 1, godly 1, goddess 1, with God 1, by God 1, Son-of-God-in-power 1
In AV:God 1320, god 13, godly 3, God-ward + 4214 2, misc 5
Definition:1) a god or goddess, a general name of deities or divinities
2) the Godhead, trinity
2a) God the Father, the first person in the trinity
2b) Christ, the second person of the trinity
2c) Holy Spirit, the third person in the trinity
3) spoken of the only and true God
3a) refers to the things of God
3b) his counsels, interests, things due to him
4) whatever can in any respect be likened unto God, or resemble him in
any way
4a) God's representative or viceregent
4a1) of magistrates and judges
of uncertain affinity; a deity, especially (with 3588) the supreme
Divinity; figuratively, a magistrate; by Hebraism, very:-X exceeding,
God, god(-ly, -ward).
see GREEK for 3588
in Bible:
God (KJV, TEV)

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