theaomai <2300>

yeaomai theaomai

Origin:a prolonged form of a primary verb
Reference:TDNT - 5:315,706
In Greek:eyeasameya 2, eyeasanto 2, eyeasasye 1, eyeasato 1, eyeayh 1, teyeamai 1, teyeameya 1, teyeatai 1, yeasamenoi 2, yeasamenoiv 1, yeasamenov 2, yeasasyai 4, yeasasye 1, yeayhnai 2
In NET:saw 4, had seen 2, to see 2, had been seen 1, I saw 1, came in to see 1, be seen 1, has seen 1, We saw 1, you saw 1, to visit 1, we have looked at 1, to be seen 1, they saw 1, who had seen 1, see 1, have seen 1
In AV:see 20, behold 2, look 1, look upon 1
Definition:1) to behold, look upon, view attentively, contemplate (often
used of public shows)
1a) of important persons that are looked on with admiration
2) to view, take a view of
2a) in the sense of visiting, meeting with a person
3) to learn by looking, to see with the eyes, to perceive

Synonym : See Definition 5848
a prolonged form of a primary verb; to look closely at, i.e. (by
implication) perceive (literally or figuratively); by extension to
visit:-behold, look (upon), see. Compare 3700.
see GREEK for 3700

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