aganakteo <23>

aganaktew aganakteo

Origin:from agan (much) and achthos (grief, akin to the base of 43)
In Greek:aganaktein 1, aganaktountev 1, aganaktwn 1, hganakthsan 3, hganakthsen 1
In NET:they became indignant 2, became angry 1, he was indignant 1, indignantly 1, they were angry 1, indignant 1
In AV:have indignation 2, be much displeased 2, with indignation 2, be sore displeased 1
Definition:1) to be indignant, moved with indignation, be very displeased
from agan (much) and achthos (grief; akin to the base of 43); to be
greatly afflicted, i.e. (figuratively) indignant:-be much (sore)
displeased, have (be moved with, with) indignation.
see GREEK for 43

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