thanatoo <2289>

yanatow thanatoo

Origin:from 2288
Reference:TDNT - 3:21,312
In Greek:eyanatwyhte 1, yanatoumenoi 1, yanatoumeya 1, yanatoute 1, yanatwsai 2, yanatwsousin 3, yanatwswsin 1, yanatwyeiv 1
In NET:have put to death 2, executed 1, execute 1, died 1, by being put to death 1, put to death 1, we encounter death 1, they will have put to death 1, they could put to death 1, you put to death 1
In AV:put to death 4, cause to be put to death 3, kill 2, become dead 1, mortify 1
Definition:1) to put to death
2) metaph.
2a) to make to die i.e. destroy, render extinct
2b) by death to be liberated from the bond of anything,
literally to be made dead in relation to (something)
from 2288 to kill (literally or figuratively):-become dead, (cause to
be) put to death, kill, mortify.
see GREEK for 2288

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