Thaddaios <2280>

yaddaiov Thaddaios

Origin:of uncertain origin
PrtSpch:n pr m
In Greek:yaddaion 1, yaddaiov 1
In NET:Thaddaeus 2
In AV:Thaddaeus 2
Definition:Thaddaeus = "large hearted, courageous"

1) one of the twelve apostles. From a comparison with the catalogue of
apostles in Lu 6:16, and Ac 1:13, is seems that Judas, Lebbaeus and
Thaddaeus were the same person, and the writer of the book of Jude.
of uncertain origin; Thaddaeus, one of the Apostles:-Thaddaeus.
in Bible:
Thaddaeus (NET, NASB, NIV, NRSV)
Thaddeus (KJV, TEV)

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