zemioo <2210>

zhmiow zemioo

Origin:from 2209
Reference:TDNT - 2:888,299
In Greek:ezhmiwyhn 1, zhmiwyeiv 1, zhmiwyh 1, zhmiwyhnai 1, zhmiwyhsetai 1, zhmiwyhte 1
In NET:forfeits 2, I have suffered the loss 1, forfeit 1, you were harmed 1, he will suffer loss 1
In AV:lose 2, suffer loss 2, be cast away 1, receive damage 1
Definition:1) to affect with damage, do damage to
2) to sustain damage, to receive injury, suffer loss
from 2209; to injure, i.e. (reflexively or passively) to experience
detriment:-be cast away, receive damage, lose, suffer loss.
see GREEK for 2209

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