euonumos <2176>

euwnumov euonumos

Origin:from 2095 and 3686
In Greek:euwnumon 2, euwnumwn 7
In NET:left 8, port side 1
In AV:left 5, on the left hand 4, left foot 1
Definition:1) of good name and of good omen
1a) in the latter sense used in taking auguries; but those omens
were euphemistically called "euonumos" which in fact were
regarded as unlucky, i.e. which came from the left, sinister
omens, (for which a good name was desired)
2) left, on the left hand
from 2095 and 3686; properly, well-named (good-omened), i.e. the left
(which was the lucky side among the pagan Greeks); neuter as
adverbial, at the left hand:-(on the) left.
see GREEK for 2095
see GREEK for 3686

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