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NETBible: Strong -- 2129

eulogia <2129>

eulogia eulogia

Origin:from the same as 2127
Reference:TDNT - 2:754,275
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:eulogia 5, eulogiaiv 2, eulogian 5, eulogiav 4
In NET:blessing 7, generously 2, praise 2, Praise 1, a blessing 1, flattery 1, generous contribution 1, a generous gift 1
In AV:blessing 11, bounty 2, bountifully + 1909 2, fair speech 1
Definition:1) praise, laudation, panegyric: of Christ or God
2) fine discourse, polished language
2a) in a bad sense, language artfully adapted to captivate the
hearer: fair speaking, fine speeches
3) an invocation of blessing, benediction
4) consecration
5) a (concrete) blessing, benefit
from the same as 2127; fine speaking, i.e. elegance of language;
commendation ("eulogy"), i.e. (reverentially) adoration; religiously,
benediction; by implication, consecration; by extension, benefit or
largess:-blessing (a matter of) bounty (X -tifully), fair speech.
see GREEK for 2127

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