hetoimos <2092>

etoimov hetoimos

Origin:from an old noun heteos (fitness)
Reference:TDNT - 2:704,266
In Greek:etoima 3, etoimhn 2, etoimoi 6, etoimon 1, etoimouv 1, etoimov 3, etoimw 1
In NET:ready 15, were ready 1, work already done 1
In AV:ready 14, prepared 1, readiness 1, make ready to (one's) hand 1
Definition:1) prepare ready
1a) of things
1a1) ready at hand
1a2) opportune, seasonable
1b) of persons
1b1) ready prepared
1b1a) to do something
1b1b) to receive one coming
from an old noun heteos (fitness); adjusted, i.e. ready:-prepared,
(made) ready(-iness, to our hand).

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