heterozugeo <2086>

eterozugew heterozugeo

Origin:from a compound of 2087 and 2218
Reference:TDNT - 2:901,301
In Greek:eterozugountev 1
In NET:partners 1
In AV:be unequally yoked together with 1
Definition:1) to come under an unequal or different yoke, to be unequally yoked
1a) to have fellowship with one who is not an equal: 2Co 6:14,
where the apostle is forbidding Christians to have intercourse
with idolaters
from a compound of 2087 and 2218; to yoke up differently, i.e.
(figuratively) to associate discordantly:-unequally yoke together
see GREEK for 2087
see GREEK for 2218

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