eremoo <2049>

erhmow eremoo

Origin:from 2048
Reference:TDNT - 2:657,255
In Greek:erhmoutai 2, hrhmwmenhn 1, hrhmwyh 2
In NET:is destroyed 2, desolate 1, has been destroyed 1, she has been destroyed 1
In AV:bring to desolation 2, desolate 1, come to nought 1, make desolate 1
Definition:1) to make desolate, lay waste
2) to ruin, bring to desolation
3) to despoil one, strip her of her treasures
from 2048; to lay waste (literally or figuratively):-(bring to, make)
desolate(-ion), come to nought.
see GREEK for 2048

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