epilambanomai <1949>

epilambanomai epilambanomai

Origin:middle voice from 1909 and 2983
Reference:TDNT - 4:9,*
In Greek:epelabeto 2, epilabesyai 1, epilabomenoi 5, epilabomenou 1, epilabomenov 5, epilabou 1, epilabwntai 2, epilambanetai 2
In NET:took 5, seized 4, lay hold 2, concern 1, caught 1, arrested 1, he is concerned 1, took hold 1, take advantage 1, when took 1, trap 1
In AV:take 7, take by 3, catch 2, take on 2, lay hold on 2, take hold of 2, lay hold upon 1
Definition:1) to take in addition, to lay hold of, take possession of,
overtake, attain, attain to
1a) to lay hold of or to seize upon anything with the hands,
to take hold of, lay hold of
1b) metaph. to rescue one from peril, to help, succour
middle voice from 1909 and 2983; to seize (for help, injury,
attainment, or any other purpose; literally or figuratively):-catch,
lay hold (up-)on, take (by, hold of, on).
see GREEK for 1909
see GREEK for 2983

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