epiballo <1911>

epiballw epiballo

Origin:from 1909 and 906
Reference:TDNT - 1:528,91
In Greek:epebalen 2, epeballen 1, epebalon 5, epibalein 1, epiballei 2, epiballon 1, epiballousin 1, epibalousin 1, epibalw 1, epibalwn 2
In NET:sews 2, laid 2, They laid 1, seized 1, place 1, they seized 1, broke down 1, they took hold 1, took hold 1, were breaking 1, to arrest 1, threw 1, they will seize 1, who puts 1
In AV:lay 8, put 3, lay on 1, beat 1, cast on 1, think thereon 1, fall 1, stretch forth 1, cast upon 1
Definition:1) to cast upon, to lay upon
1a) used of seizing one to lead him off as a prisoner
1b) to put (i.e. sew) on
2) to throw one's self upon, rush in
2a) used of waves rushing into a ship
2b) to put one's mind upon a thing
2c) attend to
3) it belongs to me, falls to my share
from 1909 and 906; to throw upon (literal or figurative, transitive or
reflexive; usually with more or less force); specially (with 1438
implied) to reflect; impersonally, to belong to:-beat into, cast
(up-)on, fall, lay (on), put (unto), stretch forth, think on.
see GREEK for 1909
see GREEK for 906
see GREEK for 1438

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