exousiazo <1850>

exousiazw exousiazo

Origin:from 1849
Reference:TDNT - 2:574,238
In Greek:exousiasyhsomai 1, exousiazei 2, exousiazontev 1
In NET:has rights 2, I will be controlled 1, authority over 1
In AV:have power of 2, exercise authority upon 1, bring under power 1
Definition:1) to have power or authority, use power
1a) to be master of any one, exercise authority over one
1b) to be master of the body
1b1) to have full and entire authority over the body
1b2) to hold the body subject to one's will
1c) to be brought under the power of anyone
from 1849; to control:-exercise authority upon, bring under the
(have) power of.
see GREEK for 1849

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