exegeomai <1834>

exhgeomai exegeomai

Origin:from 1537 and 2233
Reference:TDNT - 2:908,303
In Greek:exhgeito 1, exhghsamenov 1, exhghsato 2, exhgoumenwn 1, exhgounto 1
In NET:has made known 1, has explained 1, he began to explain 1, told 1, when had explained 1, while explained 1
In AV:declare 5, tell 1
Definition:1) to lead out, be leader, go before
2) metaph., to draw out in narrative, unfold a teaching
2a) to recount, rehearse
2b) to unfold, declare
2b1) the things relating to God
2b2) used in Greek writing of the interpretation of things
sacred and divine, oracles, dreams, etc.
from 1537 and 2233; to consider out (aloud), i.e. rehearse,
unfold:-declare, tell.
see GREEK for 1537
see GREEK for 2233

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