enecho <1758>

enecw enecho

Origin:from 1722 and 2192
Reference:TDNT - 2:828,286
In Greek:enecein 1, enecesye 1, eneicen 1
In NET:be subject 1, nursed a grudge 1, to oppose 1
In AV:have a quarrel with 1, urge 1, entangle with 1
Definition:1) to have within, to hold in
1a) to be held, entangled, be held ensnared
1b) to be engaged with, set one's self against, hold a grudge
against someone
from 1722 and 2192; to hold in or upon, i.e. ensnare; by implication,
to keep a grudge:-entangle with, have a quarrel against, urge.
see GREEK for 1722
see GREEK for 2192

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