emautou <1683>

emautou emautou

Origin:genitive case compound of 1700 and 846
In Greek:emauton 18, emautou 14, emautw 5
In NET:myself 16, my own initiative 4, my own 4, me 3, my own authority 2, I am 1, I 1, for myself 1, my 1, to myself 1, my own mind 1
In AV:myself 29, me 4, mine own self 2, mine own 1, I myself 1
Definition:1) I, me, myself etc.
genitive case compound of 1700 and 846; of myself

so likewise the dative case
emautoi em-ow-to',

and accusative case
emauton em-ow-ton'

:-me, mine own (self), myself.
see GREEK for 1700
see GREEK for 846

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