eleutheroo <1659>

eleuyerow eleutheroo

Origin:from 1658
Reference:TDNT - 2:487,224
In Greek:eleuyerwsei 1, eleuyerwsh 1, eleuyerwyentev 2, eleuyerwyhsetai 1, hleuyerwsen 2
In NET:has set free 1, freed 1, having been freed 1, set free 1, will be set free 1, sets free 1, will set free 1
In AV:make free 6, deliver 1
Definition:1) to make free
2) set at liberty: from the dominion of sin
from 1658; to liberate, i.e. (figuratively) to exempt (from moral,
ceremonial or mortal liability):-deliver, make free.
see GREEK for 1658

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