elachistos <1646>

elacistov elachistos

Origin:superlative of elachus (short) used as equivalent to 3398
In Greek:elacisth 1, elaciston 2, elacistou 1, elacistov 2, elacistw 3, elacistwn 4
In NET:least 6, a very little 2, a tiny 1, a very little thing 1, a very small 1, minor matter 1, trivial suits 1
In AV:least 9, very small 2, smallest 1, very little 1
Definition:1) smallest least
1a) in size
1b) in amount: of management of affairs
1c) in importance: what is the least moment
1d) in authority: of commandments
1e) in the estimation of men: of persons
1f) in rank and excellence: of persons
superlative of elachus (short); used as equivalent to 3398; least (in
size, amount, dignity, etc.):-least, very little (small), smallest.
see GREEK for 3398

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