ektrepo <1624>

ektrepw ektrepo

Origin:from 1537 and the base of 5157
In Greek:ektraph 1, ektraphsontai 1, ektrepomenov 1, exetraphsan 2
In NET:Avoid 1, have wandered away 1, may be put out of joint 1, they will turn aside 1, turned away 1
In AV:turn aside 2, avoid 1, turn 1, turn out of the way 1
Definition:1) to turn or twist out
1a) in a medical sense used of dislocated limbs
2) to turn off or aside
3) to be turned aside
4) to turn aside
5) to turn away from, to shun a thing, to avoid meeting or
associating with one
from 1537 and the base of 5157; to deflect, i.e. turn away (literally
or figuratively):-avoid, turn (aside, out of the way).
see GREEK for 1537
see GREEK for 5157

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