ekplesso <1605>

ekplhssw ekplesso

Origin:from 1537 and 4141
In Greek:ekplhssesyai 1, ekplhssomenov 1, exeplaghsan 1, exeplhsseto 1, exeplhssonto 9
In NET:were astonished 3, were amazed 2, they were amazed 1, They were astonished 1, They were amazed 1, they were astonished 1, was amazed 1, was greatly astounded 1, were astounded 1, they were overwhelmed 1
In AV:be astonished 10, be amazed 3
Definition:1) to strike out, expel by a blow, drive out or away
2) to cast off by a blow, to drive out
2a) commonly, to strike one out of self-possession, to strike
with panic, shock, astonish
3) to be struck with amazement, astonished, amazed

Synonym : See Definition 5841
from 1537 and 4141; to strike with astonishment:-amaze, astonish.
see GREEK for 1537
see GREEK for 4141

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