eidolothuton <1494>

eidwloyuton eidolothuton

Origin:neuter of a compound of 1497 and a presumed derivative of 2380
Reference:TDNT - 2:378,202
In Greek:eidwloyuta 3, eidwloyuton 3, eidwloyutwn 3, ieroyuton 1
In NET:food sacrificed to idols 3, meat that has been sacrificed to idols 2, sacrifice 2, food offered to idols 1, food sacrificed to them 1, sacrificed 1
In AV:things offered unto idols 4, things offered in sacrifice to idols 3, things sacrificed unto idols 2, meats offered to idols 1
Definition:1) sacrificed to idols, the flesh left over from the heathen sacrifices
1a) it was either eaten at the feasts or sold (by the poor and the
miserly) in the market
neuter of a compound of 1497 and a presumed derivative of 2380; an
image-sacrifice, i.e. part of an idolatrous offering:-(meat, thing
that is) offered (in sacrifice, sacrificed) to (unto) idols.
see GREEK for 1497
see GREEK for 2380

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