egkentrizo <1461>

egkentrizw egkentrizo

Origin:from 1722 and a derivative of 2759
In Greek:egkentrisai 1, egkentrisyhsontai 2, egkentrisyw 1, enekentrisyhv 2
In NET:grafted 1, could be grafted 1, to graft in 1, were grafted 1, will be grafted back 1, will be grafted in 1
In AV:graff in 4, graff 1, graff into 1
Definition:1) to cut into for the sake of inserting a scion
2) to inoculate, ingraft, graft in
from 1722 and a derivative of 2759; to prick in, i.e. ingraft:-graff
see GREEK for 1722
see GREEK for 2759

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