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NETBible: Strong -- 1337

dithalassos <1337>

diyalassov dithalassos

Origin:from 1364 and 2281
In Greek:diyalasson 1
In NET:of crosscurrents 1
In AV:where two seas meet 1
Definition:1) resembling or forming two seas: thus of the Euxine Sea
2) lying between two seas, i.e. washed on both sides by the sea
2a) an isthmus or tongue of land, the extremity of which is
covered by the waves
2b) a projecting reef or bar against which the waves dash
on both sides
from 1364 and 2281; having two seas, i.e. a sound with a double
outlet:-where two seas meet.
see GREEK for 1364
see GREEK for 2281

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