diaphtheiro <1311>

diafyeirw diaphtheiro

Origin:from 1225 and 5351
Reference:TDNT - 9:93,1259
In Greek:diafyeirai 1, diafyeirei 1, diafyeiretai 1, diafyeirontav 1, diefyarhsan 1, diefyarmenwn 1
In NET:destroy 1, corrupted 1, destroys 1, is wearing away 1, to destroy 1, were completely destroyed 1
In AV:destroy 3, corrupt 2, perish 1
Definition:1) to change for the worse, to corrupt
1a) of minds, morals
2) to destroy, ruin
2a) to consume
2a1) of bodily vigour and strength
2a2) of the worm or moth that eats provisions, clothing, etc.
2b) to destroy, to kill
from 1225 and 5351; to rot thoroughly, i.e. (by implication) to ruin
(passively, decay utterly, figuratively, pervert):-corrupt, destroy,
see GREEK for 1225
see GREEK for 5351

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