diakonos <1249>

diakonov diakonos

Origin:probably from an obsolete diako (to run on errands, cf 1377)
Reference:TDNT - 2:88,152
PrtSpch:n m/f
In Greek:diakonoi 7, diakonoiv 3, diakonon 3, diakonouv 2, diakonov 15
In NET:servant 10, servants 7, a servant 4, Deacons 2, minister 2, Servants 1, encourages 1, worker 1, deacons 1, attendants 1
In AV:minister 20, servant 8, deacon 3
Definition:1) one who executes the commands of another, esp. of a master,
a servant, attendant, minister
1a) the servant of a king
1b) a deacon, one who, by virtue of the office assigned to him
by the church, cares for the poor and has charge of and
distributes the money collected for their use
1c) a waiter, one who serves food and drink

Synonym : See Definition 5834
and 5928
probably from an obsolete diako (to run on errands; compare 1377); an
attendant, i.e. (genitive case) a waiter (at table or in other menial
duties); specially, a Christian teacher and pastor (technically, a
deacon or deaconess):-deacon, minister, servant.
see GREEK for 1377

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