genesis <1078>

genesiv genesis

Origin:from the same as 1074
Reference:TDNT - 1:682,117
PrtSpch:n f
In Greek:genesei 1, genesewv 3, genesiv 1
In NET:birth 1, genealogy 1, happened 1, his own face 1, human existence 1
In AV:generation 1, natural 1, nature 1
Definition:1) source, origin
1a) a book of one's lineage, i.e. in which his ancestry or
progeny are enumerated
2) used of birth, nativity
3) of that which follows origin, viz. existence, life
3a) the wheel of life (Jas 3:6), other explain it, the wheel of
human origin which as soon as men are born begins to run, i.e.
its course of life
from the same as 1074; nativity; figuratively, nature:-generation,
see GREEK for 1074

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